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Tried and Tested Tax Filing Programs[redigera wikitext]

Choosing the best tax filing software program is not easy. Dozens of the most popular programs data entry services have been tested and these five software programs came out on top.

1. TaxAct Deluxe Like other tax filing software, TaxAct lets you input your financial data and calculate your taxes. TaxAct is great general purpose software suitable for most tax situations. This tax program provides two methods of data entry. The first method called the Interview Mode lets you answer Question and answer type questions on the navigational toolbar. The other method called the Forms Mode allows entering data on forms provided. Using the forms mode of data entry can speed up the data entry for taxpayers already familiar with tax forms. TaxAct can also utilize your tax return data to come up with the data for filling out the Free Application for federal Student Aid or FIFSA application. This feature, unique on TaxAct, is very useful for parents and students applying for college financial Aid.

2. Free Tax Software The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has free file websites where you can prepare and file your income tax. The IRS in cooperation with nineteen software companies is providing American taxpayers with a free or if not, a low priced way to prepared and file their annual income tax returns. You must first log in on the IRS Free File page to qualify for the free service.

3. CCH Complete Tax CCH Complete Tax is best suited for tax savvy tax filers who want to be in complete control and do not like to be limited by question and answer type of data entry. It provides for a fast tax return preparation by using a simple user interface that allows you to answer multiple questions on the screen instead of answering them one at a time.

4. TaxCut Premium TaxCut Premium is ideal for straightforward tax returns. It uses an updated user interface allowing fast and uncomplicated tax preparation. Included in the price of the software is a "Worry Free Audit Support" offering professional tax help in case of an IRS audit.

5. Turbo Tax. The main advantage of this tax filing software is its ability to import data from Quicken, Microsoft Money, Quickbooks or other personal finance software. This feature can speed things up by automating some data entry.

All of the above mentioned tax filing software came from some of the most trusted software development companies in the country. They were prepared with the goal of providing you with a fast, easy and worry free tax filing experience.

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