Father Is Sent A £50MILLION Car Insurance Bill

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A father of three was left in a state of shock when he received a car insurance bill for nearly £50million. 
Mohammad Irfan, from Ilford, [/news/london/index.html London], was told the insurance payments on his Ford Kuga were £4.2million per month. 
The letter from One Call Insurance, said they had been unable to take £50,469,211 from his account due to insufficient funds. 
According to [ ], the 38-year-old only owed £168.08 to cancel the insurance policy on his £17,000 car. 
Mohammad Irfan, 38, from Ilford, London, was told the insurance payments on his three year old £17,000 Ford Kuga were £4.2million per month. File photo
 Mr Irfan's wife, Nazia Akhtar, 33, was the first to see the letter. 
She said: 'The figure was so long I nearly had a heart attack. Even car insurance for a Ferrari or a Lamborghini isn't that much. 
'I tried to go online to talk to the company but I was number 41 in line.'
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Mr Irfan was expecting a bill for a small amount and the letter was nasty surprise as he already has some other debt.  
After an investigation was carried out, One Call admitted the letter was due to 'an error made by an agent' and offered the couple £50 compensation and http://kb.salon-chicago.ru/Sample_Article an apology. 
Mail Online has contacted One Call for comment.  


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